Sharing the Magic of Sensual Discovery


"There is a true synergy that springs to life in a circle of women, a circle of men, or in a mixed group.  A kind of magic happens - a magic of sharing, a magic of learning, and, for those who desire it, a magic of healing.  It’s safe.  It’s satisfying.  And the best part is, it’s fun.  

I create a "safe zone" in my workshops - although I prefer to call them  "gatherings" - an atmosphere of fun and laughter and also of sharing.  We shed our inhibitions and share fantasies and fears, triumphs and disappointments.  This is how we gain personal wisdom.  It happens when we open ourselves to the health benefits and life enhancing power of pleasure.  

I've devoted more than 30 years to helping men and women become more comfortable in loving themselves, in allowing themselves to be loved by others, and in being better lovers.  

What I cherish about my sensuality, passion, and connection gatherings is the opportunity to create a sacred space for openness and “Aha! Moments” - for personal growth and sexual healing.”    

- Debra


I offer several workshop topics and formats.  These can be tailored to your group. I've hosted groups of 2 to 200.  Want something different?  Great!  Let’s co-create.  I'd love to craft something for your group that is appropriate to age, lifestyle, and comfort. 

Click here for a list of workshop topics and a brief description of each.