Sensually Empowering Programs for Fun, Growth, and Fulfillment


For Women

Empowered Sensuality and Reclaiming Your Mojo

Reconnect to pleasure.  Enhance your sensuous essence.

The rejuvenating magic of pleasure - why it is so beneficial to health!

Surprising secrets that make you more desirable to your partner.

Supercharge your Mojo.  

Ramp-up your desire for intimacy and sexuality.

Boldly explore self-appreciation and pleasure- without guilt!

Learn how to let go!  How shame blocks deep connection and intimacy.

Hormones!  How they profoundly impact desire, sensuality, vitality.

Why getting what YOU want also gives him what HE wants.  It's win-win!  Learn how to do it.

For Single Men

What Do Women Want??

Laws of Attraction and Rules of Engagement

Understanding what turns women ON and what turns them OFF (it’s not what you think)

Learn how to BE!   It’s what makes women want to be with with you.

The first kiss.  Why so much is riding on it.

Dating foreplay and dating chivalry.  What are they and how to master them.

All it takes to be together at the end of your date is a strong move - made gently.  Learn how!

For Married Men

What Does YOUR Woman Want??

You love her.  You live with her.  But do you know her?  Does she know you?

Understanding what turns your partner ON and what turns her OFF (it’s not what you think).

Learn how you can BE so your partner can have a deeper intimate relationship with you.

Become skilled at letting go of shame for deeper connection and greater intimacy.

Discover how a bold move made gently can get you what you've dreamed of.

Know how making her feel safe opens her to more fun, more fantasy, and more pleasure.

For Co- Ed Singles

Attraction, Dating, and Sex

Exploring your desires, questions, and concerns

Must-have secrets to attract and beguile a partner.

How to be authentic and why it makes you more appealing

Tips and techniques to make dating - and intimacy - simpler and more satisfying

How to become more desirable to your partner - and how to stay that way.

For Co-Ed Singles & Couples

Achieving Intimacy & Connection

Taking the next step.  Opening yourself to deeper emotional and sexual connection

Bedrock practices for better sex

Revive that part of yourself that forges bonds of

connection and cultivates intimacy.

How gentle, respectful, heart opening practices connect you to one another

Why physical touch is such a powerful communicator

"Pleasure is empowering.  It's a force for good that carries over to into all aspects of our lives."