Kind Words of Appreciation from Workshop Attendees and Coaching Clients


Like many other women of my generation, I could not talk with my mother about sexuality.  So I made my way through trial and error.  At midlife, I felt as though that part of my life was over.  In one private session, Debra helped me get past guilt and understand that sexuality is a divine gift, something to be celebrated. She is knowledgeable, honest and direct. She gave me the tools I needed to experience the pleasure and joy I was missing. She is a blessing and a sister among sisters. The world would be a better place if more women could spend time learning from her. Thank you Debra!"

Tina, San Clemente, CA  


Debra - you are such a powerfully sensual woman and an inspiring workshop leader.  I felt more sensuous just sitting next to you! What you shared and taught us in the “Reclaiming Your Mojo and Owning Your Power as a Sensual Woman” workshop is what we should have learned when we were growing up. Instead, the mood of the time taught us how to be prudish and how to feel guilty.   It warned us not to be “too” sensuous.  But you made it feel so easy - to allow myself to be the natural, sensual woman I was born to be.  I can't wait for your next gathering."

Joyce W, Sedona AZ


I only wish I had known the things I learned today [from Debra’s workshop] when I was in my teens!"

Gail, Hollywood, CA


I attended the for-men-only ”What do Women Want?” workshop.  Debra's approach to intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality is a no-nonsense, refreshing, common-sense journey through all four levels of that all-too-human experience of relating sexually to those of the opposite gender.  She speaks openly, honestly, humorously, and freely on the physical, emotional, mental, AND, yes, by God, the Spiritual - yes, that's a capital 'S' - aspects of our sexual experience.  No questions are left unanswered, no topics glossed over, no doors unopened, no delicate issues avoided. For the ride of your life on the roller coaster we joyously call SEX, do not miss Debra’s masterful presentation on the topic of our shared sexual experience."

John T,  Sedona , AZ


Having just completed your class, "What Do Women Want", I wanted to thank you very much for your women's wisdom words, both poignant and provocative - filled with common sense wit and yet filtered through heart-felt honesty. I admire you for your willingness to embrace the cutting-edge of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality...and also to challenge our worn-out societal attitudes and beliefs on those subjects. Your sense of humor is a gift. In addition, I am finding that your thoughts on what women are looking for in a man--namely presence, purpose, passion--are traits I am beginning to look for in all my relationships. KUDOS, Debra.

Mark, Sedona, AZ


The Empowered Sensuality and Mojo class is probably my favorite!. It would have been a real plus had I been able to get this information when I was sixteen and filled with raging hormones and no knowledge, but better late than never. In our society talking about sex is still taboo so being able to have frank and informative dialogue in a safe setting was so freeing. The class educated me on many subjects in a tasteful, direct and fun way, especially Debra’s knowledge about hormones as we age. Sex and pleasure makes us feel good on many levels: love, playfulness, spiritually, producing all the feel good hormones and its healthy and not fattening! The class has reaffirmed to me that it’s ok to still have great connection, intimacy and sex into our golden years. I recommend anything Debra teaches.

Carole, Sedona, AZ