Hot Talks!

Debra takes the topic of sensuality seriously - but her talks are never dry or angst-ridden.  It’s all about pleasure, right?  Her approach is fun and light-hearted.  She engages the listener - punctuating her message with humor, self-deprecation, and lots of examples and anecdotes.  She’s part comedian, part Dr. Phil, part Oprah, and always vivaciously, unabashedly Debra.    

Debra's easy manner captivates her audience. Her wit, wisdom and natural way of sharing enable us to open our hearts and minds to the very real possibility of intimacy.  She imbues us with a deeper understanding of the sensual essence firmly rooted in all of us.  Debra helps us see ourselves in a new way, an exciting way, a way that is filled with the promise of pleasure and passion.

Above all, Debra is entertaining.  Everyone has fun and nobody walks away without learning something important that can be applied - immediately - to enhance his or her relationships and outlook on life.


I offer several speaking topics and formats.  I can structure a stand-alone talk, a keynote address, or a talk that is part of a multi-speaker program.  I'll personalize my talk so that it is highly relevant for your group and also so that it is appropriate for the composition of the audience. 

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