Personalized growth experiences for women, men, and couples.

There are many ways we can benefit from personalized, one-on-one or couples intimacy coaching.  Some of us come from backgrounds of sexual repression.  It’s possible we have inhibitions or, worse still, we feel ashamed of our yearning for sensuality or we are confused by it.  For some us, exploitive images in the media and pop culture myths mislead us and leave us bewildered.  Some of us yearn for more intimacy in our relationships - for greater connection.  Some of us yearn for more pleasure and more fulfillment.  Some of us want to attract a partner.   Some us want to be closer to our partners or rejuvenate our relationships.  Regrettably, some of us have been abused, physically or emotionally.     

Debra's coaching style is gentle, intuitive, honest, direct, and empowering.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  It begins by exploring your goals.  What do you hope to gain?  It sounds basic but we don’t always know.  At least not specifically.  Together, you and Debra will find out.  

So how do you achieve those goals?  Sometimes it can be as easy as a shift in thinking - a new way of looking at things.  You'll gain new understanding and feel confident in your ability to give and receive pleasure.  Often it involves practical tips.  For example, there are physical techniques you can learn - ways to transform the dynamics of the bedroom with simple suggestions or movements so your partner knows how to please you - consistently.  And so much more.  

Personal coaching is more affordable than you might think.  And you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in even a single session.  Often, that’s all it takes.  

Wonder how personalized sensuality coaching might work for you?  Contact Debra and find out.

In your personal coaching session we will focus specifically on your concerns or goals.  Not quite sure what those are or have trouble expressing them?  It's not a problem. We can figure it out together.  No shame, no inhibition.

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