Intimacy & Connection

Unleashing pleasure and sensuality in women and men


Do you dream of deeper connection and intimacy in your relationships?

It all starts with personal awareness.  And let’s be frank - it's an inside job.

Are you searching for ways to capture or intensify intimacy in your own life?  Whether you are dating, hoping to attract a partner, or yearning to develop soul-soothing connection with your current partner, the act of claiming your pleasure and harnessing your natural sexual energy will elevate you to deeper and more fulfilling intimate relationships.


Freeing yourself from harmful, negative myths about intimacy, sensuality and sexuality - that tired, old story of guilt and shame you’ve been taught all your life.

Embracing your natural sensuality, being conscious of it, feeling comfortable in it - and allowing your partner the same freedom.

Feeling truly satisfied physically and emotionally, attracting a partner, rejuvenating a relationship, reclaiming your passion - or finding it for the first time.


…how it feels to have an intimate relationship based upon close connection and shared pleasure.  Isn’t that what everyone dreams of?   And yet, deep down, it’s what many of us fear most.   

Our bodies are designed for pleasure.  We're entitled to it.  But somewhere along the line society told us we shouldn't have feelings of desire.  We grew up not believing we deserved pleasure.  It’s like receiving the best chocolate in the world and not knowing how to unwrap the package.  We smell the aroma.  Our taste buds tingle in anticipation.  And yet we have no idea how to dive into all that delicious, rich flavor.  It's beyond frustrating!  

Pleasure.  Intimacy.  Emotional and spiritual connection.  You are entitled to the full, yummy package.  And just imagine how delicious your life will be once all these wonderful things are yours.  I can't wait to show you how.

- Debra

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