Successful professionals have passion.  They instinctively apply it to their work.  They project it to those around them.  But how many of us truly understand our passion?  How deeply can we tap into it to expand upon career success?  How many of us leave passion at the office when we go home to our husbands, our wives, our sweethearts?  

For the committed professional, success is a balancing act: success in our careers versus success in our personal lives.  Some of us do it pretty well and some of us not so much.  But it shouldn’t be that hard.  Why?  Because the busy professional is the same person as the spouse, the lover, and the friend.  And the key element that links all areas is - you guessed it - passion.

Debra’s message, tailored specifically to a business audience, carries the weight and authenticity of a life spent in the corporate world.  For more than 35 years Debra was a successful sales and marketing executive.  She knows the pressures of meeting goals, managing staff, and juggling tasks.  She also knows how hard it is to do all that with the added swirl of family and  relationship needs and goals.

Debra’s professionals program isn’t another rah, rah, locker-room half-time speech.  It isn’t new-age speak with crystals and cliches.  No words are used for shock value.  Debra’s language and style are appropriate for a professional audience.  Delivered with warmth and humor, her entertaining message is filled with real-life examples, fun exercises, and practical advice: tips, tricks, and insights the busy professional can start using right now!  The result?  More passion.  More pleasure.  More success.


A Passion-Punch for Busy Professionals


Debra will customize a program specifically for your corporate or professional group. It can be configured as a stand-alone speech or two, three, or four hour workshop.  It’s a spirited punch of passion for the busy  corporate executive.  Also perfect for team building.  

Refresh   ●    Re-charge   ●    Re-focus