The Sensuality Sage

“Red hot momma meets the girl next door” - that’s how one reviewer described the vibrant beam of pure, passionate energy that is Debra Smith.  She is warm, witty, and ever so wise in the ways of sensuality, intimacy, and pleasure - finding it, unleashing it, and living it.  Debra speaks the language our hearts, our minds, and our bodies long to hear.  It's a language of passion and empowerment that energizes our souls and enriches our lives.   

Debra is your funny and vivacious best friend.  She is your closest confidant.  Your favorite, flamboyant aunt.  Debra is that special teacher or coach you recall from childhood - committed, caring, and inspirational.  

Debra understands us because her story is our story.  Her life once lacked intimacy and connection - connection to her partner, connection to her passion, and especially connection to her own physical pleasure.  Debra says, “It is an ongoing theme.  I hear from women who never reach the highest levels of pleasure with their partners or with themselves, men who don’t understand women - who want to give and receive pleasure but sometimes struggle, and people of both sexes who long for intimacy and connection.”     

Debra brings us the gift of sensual self-discovery.  She ties it in a ribbon of sparkling good humor and easy friendship.  Debra invites us to cast aside inhibition and join her in a world of intimacy and pleasure. She makes it fun and approachable.  Magically, we find ourselves only too happy to come along.