Reclaiming Intimacy, Sensuality, and Self-Image


You’re still here and that’s wonderful.  But something is missing.  It's more than a part of your body lost or impaired.  You’re coping with that - or learning to cope with it.  You know how it feels to be sick and tired.  You’ve endured pain and perhaps you've seen yourself without hair.  And yet you’re coming back from that, too.  Or trying to.

But cancer had another surprise for you.  It caused you to lose your passion, your sensuality, the intimacy you shared with your partner, your ability to receive and give pleasure.  It’s possible you didn’t learn about that in advance from your doctors or from all that internet research you did about your illness.  If it helps, and it probably doesn’t, please know you are not alone.  Studies show us that more than 60% of cancer survivors emerge with serious sexual issues.  

Sometimes the problems are physical and sometimes they are emotional.  Most physical problems have “work-arounds” of one sort or another.  There are some really good resources available to you in that area.  I’ve listed a few of those on the Survivor Resources page of this website.

Where I come in - where I truly would love to help you - is by leading you back to that place where you and your partner shared intimacy, connection, and pleasure.  That place where you still saw yourself as the attractive, sexual creature you were born to be.  Have you lost your desire?  Let’s find it!  Did your sensual self-image suffer?  Let’s repair it.  Did your cancer treatments affect your ability to give or receive pleasure?  There are fun and effective ways to deal with that, too.

Please understand, I don’t do psychology or physical therapy.  I’m not trained or licensed for it.  I’m a sensuality coach.  It’s what I’ve studied and practiced for more than 30 years.  What I provide is not a replacement for medical or psychological care but rather a sensible complement to it - an integrative approach to your overall recovery.

So let’s do this together.  You’re alive!  Now let’s reconnect you to what makes life worth living: your passion - and the fulfillment that comes from physical and emotional intimacy.  Let’s do it with joy and laughter and maybe with some tears.  But most of all let’s do it without inhibition and with the unshakable determination to recover what rightfully belongs to you!

- Debra  


Most of us have been touched by cancer in some way.  Many of us have lost relatives to it and nearly everyone has close friends who are are survivors.  I love working with people on all sorts of sensuality and intimacy issues but assisting cancer survivors is a special joy and a privilege for me.

I would be so very honored to help you reclaim your sensual sparkle.